Regione Toscana

Regione Toscana logoThe Tuscany region participates in the project with the skills in matters of Forestry and Environment. The activities of the forest sector of the Tuscany region can be summarized as follows: regional forest planning; aid to forestry and processing companies; forest public interventions; productions of the forest and the underwood; quality certification systems in the forest sector; forest fire prevention; regional agroforestry heritage; forest labor, work and forest security; disadvantaged areas;
coordination and management of a permanent unified operating room (soup); spatial data for the
agricultural and forest planning; discipline of the rural territory and protected areas; international cooperation projects in the areas of the sector; subordination of relations with the (laboratory of monitoring and environmental modeling for the sustainable development), in the field of renewable energies, territorial governance and protected areas, agroforestry work. For the Environment sector, the skills are summarized in: Parks and protected areas; biodiversity protection; implementation of the habitat directive. WIN. Address and control of regional parks. Protection of the quality of coastal marine and marine waters. Transitional waters.
Marine strategy coordination.


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