Final European Conference

Final European Conference

Did you miss the European conference or want to see some parts of it again?
Go to the Digital Proceedings section where you will find:

  • final report of the conference
  • individual presentations by the speakers
  • video recording of all sessions
  • audio file of the translations in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

LIFE GoProFor project enters its last year of activity and you are invited to participate at the final European Conference, which will be held online from 16th to 18th February 2022.

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How to participate

Important: make sure you have updated Zoom to its latest version to be able to access simultaneous translation and participate in surveys during parallel sessions (February 18th)

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To use simultaneous translation follow these instructions

Indications for the parallel sessions of February 18th

Download the document with the indications to participate and which anticipates some elements that may be useful to you to contribute to the best during the session.

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The event aims at:

  • sharing and enhancing the contribution of the LIFE Program to the new European Forest and Biodiversity Strategies to 2030;
  • fostering the network between forest-related LIFE projects and the exchange of experiences;
  • sharing and promoting at a European level the experience gained by LIFE GoProFor, the tools and methods tested, the results obtained and the most successful strategies for forest management in harmony with the conservation of biodiversity within Natura 2000 Network;
  • collecting experiences and opinions on the best tools, indicators and training for a more effective forest management in line with biodiversity conservation.

The event consists of 3 online meetings:

  • The first day will be mainly dedicated to presenting and highlighting the synergies between the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and the new European Forest Strategy.
  • The second day will be dedicated to sharing the experiences of the LIFE Program, giving the floor to a series of forest-related projects from all over Europe
  • The third day will be dedicated to sharing, discussing and identifying the best actions to promote training and application of indicators and tools for forest management in line with biodiversity conservation.

The outputs of these 3 days will be collected in a final document that will be made available to the actors of European governance.


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