GoProFor marteloscopes are part of the Integrate Network

GoProFor marteloscopes are part of the Integrate Network

The Integrate Network ( ) is promoted by the European Forest Institute (EFI) and it aims to foster Integrated Forest Management, which reconciles biodiversity conservation with forestry, at policy, practice and research level.

One of the most important tools to achieve this goal is to set up practical demonstration sites, the so-called Marteloscopes, which allows all those who are involved in forest management (but not only) to practice and to evaluate their management decisions from both ecological and economical point of view.

The Integrate Project has defined a specific protocol for the realization of Marteloscopes and it has developed a tailored software for the performance of virtual tree selections. To date Integrate Network connects more than 100 practical demonstration sites across Europe, including the ones realized by the LIFE project GoProFor

Recently, on the Integrate Network website, a news has been published on training activities of LIFE GoProFor, with a particular focus on training held in Lazio Region, within the Marteloscope of Sala (Rieti province) referred to in the official list of the Integrated Network as “Rieti - Lazio”.

The network between our projects also resulted in the implementation of an Italian version of Integrate official video , explaining the assumptions and objectives of the Integrated Forest Management. The Italian translation of the subtitles was made thanks to the collaboration with LIFE GoProFor.