Regione Molise

Regione Molise logoMolise Region is a public body divided into services with specific activities and purposes. The system enables an efficient governance providing development of social welfare, economy, infrastructures and employment, protection of historical, cultural heritage, supporting local investments, research and external trade. It has an 'ad hoc' structures with experts and staff with a long experience in the management and implementation of international and European projects. The working group has competences, capacity and know how gained through projects implementation both as partner or as Lead Partner. Molise Region has a strong experience in participating in collaborative projects at regional, national and European level.
Administrative staff have wide multidisciplinary expertise and significant competences in project management. The Regions takes part in several project financed by EU funds, as project coordinator, as work package coordinator and as project partner. It has strong ability to communicate and disseminate project results at local, national and transnational level. In particular it has a relevant expertise in mobilising local and regional stakeholders such as policy makers, associations, the industrial sector for communication and awareness raising campaign.


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