Regione Lazio - Area Valutazione di Incidenza e Risorse Forestali - Direzione Politiche Ambientali e Ciclo dei Rifiuti

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The Lazio Region provides regional forest planning and planning to guarantee and promote the conservation, enhancement and sustainable management of the regional natural heritage. It promotes, takes care of and implements activities related to environmental accounting and ecosystem services.

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 34/2018, promotes the socio-economic development of the forestry sector through the authorizations of forestry companies, the approval of planning, the development of functional tools for companies and the active management of regional forests and related activities.

It takes care of the technical and administrative requirements of regional competence provided for by EU, national and regional regulations of the sector, preparing the necessary acts for the implementation of the provisions issued by the European Community and by the Ministries responsible for forestry, such as those relating to the establishment of the list regional monumental trees.

For the matters within its competence, it contributes to the planning, management and monitoring activities of the Community programs - Structural Funds (ESI Funds) - for the definition of the strategies and the related implementation provisions, assisting the regional structures responsible for these obligations.


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