Online the Good Practices Database

Online the Good Practices Database

The analysis of LIFE projects and the good practices (GPs) extraction and description started on January 2019. To date, 100 good practises are already inserted in the database: 79 of them are derived from Italian LIFE projects, while 21 from projects developed in other European countries (15 GPs from French projects, 4 from Greece, 1 from Spain and 1 from Slovenia).

And this is just the beginning.

The insertion of good practices in the database will go hand in hand with the projects analysis, that will continue throughout the whole project and beyond.

New good practices will gradually be made accessible to users whenever finalized and approved.

This is the reason why actually just 47 out of 100 good practices are visible.

However, this number is expected to grow.

Italian version of good practices are actually available. The English version will be available as soon as possible.


What can you do?

Users can freely access to the database, read the descriptions of each good practice and select GPs by free as well as advanced research by keywords and other filters.

Users can download results of their research, as well as the PDF for each good practice and their related documents by registering and obtaining their access credentials.

Find more information on the database homepage: what is a good practice? How have projects been selected? Which are the consultation languages, and lot more.