Dr Wolf S.r.l.

Dr Worlf logoThe project of Dr. Wolf S.r.l. brings together professionals with different skills in order to be able to meet the complex needs of companies and public administrations. The wealth of skills makes it possible to respond to specific and sectorial problems but also to be able to give a multidisciplinary response to the complexity of the current economic system, managing to define highly complex projects and, as the company's pay-off states, "solving problems" . In line with this corporate identity and therefore with the synergy of different competences (of particular importance is the legal specialized in intellectual property, network law, information technology law) we are engaged in a strong development of innovative IT projects that has become the most important sector of the company. Characteristic and distinctive features of our offer are the development of solutions in free software and the customization at sustainable costs of each solution to the client's business dimension, allowing even small companies the possibility of using solutions up to now available to large companies.


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