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Compagnia delle Foreste s.r.l. is a company specialized in communication and innovation in the forest and environmental sector. Since 1995 produces the forest magazine "Sherwood - Forests and trees today", with national distribution. Thanks to the fact that 4 graduates in forestry are part of its staff, it carries out dissemination and dissemination activities in collaboration with local authorities and research institutes in the forest and environmental sectors. In particular it dealt with tree plantations (wood arboriculture), forest fires, tree silviculture, voluntary agreements for the compensation of carbon credits and reports on the state of forests and forestry (RaF), on a regional and national scale. . As part of these issues, he organized conferences, seminars, training courses and published manuals, brochures, thematic maps, calendars, websites and videos.

CdF produces and manages with its own staff also internet sites related to projects in which it is involved and is the owner of the only Italian on-line library dedicated to the forest sector (

For some years, CdF has been engaged as a partner in charge of communication in various LIFE projects, these include LIFE GoProFor (LIFE 17 / GIE / IT000561); LIFE + SelPiBioLife (LIFE13 BIO / IT / 000282); LIFE AForClimate LIFE15 CCA / IT / 000089) LIFE + InBioWood (LIFE12 ENV / IT / 000153); LIFE + PProSpoT (09 / ENV / IT / 000087) and projects in which it acted as a subcontractor such as LIFE Summacop (ENV / 99 / IT000003), LIFE + Carbomark (LIFE 07 ENV / IT / 000388), LIFE Fresh (LIFE14 / IT000414) and LIFE FutureForCoppices (LIFE14 ENV / IT / 000514).

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