Thinning for the restoration of an uneven structure and of the regeneration process, with the use of mechanization

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Man.For. C.BD. - Managing Forests For Multiple Purposes: carbon, biodiversity, socio-economic wellbeing

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Selective thinning and small group selection cuttings in a mixed uneven forest of spruce, silver fir, beech and larch, where, due to the decrease in the intensity of preparatory cuttings in the recent decades, there was a process of increasing evenness of the stand and a lack of regeneration.

Matteucci Giorgio



Restore the natural uneven structure of the stand and favour the regeneration, especially of the less present species today: beech and larch.

The approach also aims to set up silvicultural operations that allow for the implementation of mechanizable and economically sustainable practices.

Good Practice Description

So-called "group cuttings" were applied, or rather, patches of about 60 m in length (two and a half times the height of the trees) and 20-25 m of width were opened, along steeper slopes. At the same time, in order to mechanize the intervention, the forest road system was restored and improved.

Territorial Context

Municipal forest of Lorenzago di Cadore (BL), characterized by an uneven structure and historically managed through preparatory cuttings with logging performed with horses.

Replicability conditions

It is applicable to forests similar to the one of the project, with a mixed and uneven structure, where there has been an abandonment of the usual management, that led to a process of homogenisation of the stand.

Dissemination material

In the final part of the LIFE GoProFor database sheet it is possible to download material relating to the project, including a manual describing all the good practices implemented.