Regeneration cuttings in mature mixed forest of beech, silver fir and spruce

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Regeneration cuttings in forests that tend to be uneven and mixed with spruce, silver fir and beech.

Matteucci Giorgio



To regenerate the mature forest trying to maintain the mixture of the three species, in order to perpetuate not only the uneven-aged structure of the stands, but also the mixed composition, through economically sustainable techniques.

Good Practice Description

Regeneration cuttings have been applied on areas of about one hectare in two different ways: group selection cuttings implying the removal of, respectively, 100% and 50% of the biomass. For each area, a part was also left without any intervention as a control. The interventions were designed to be carried out with advanced mechanization.

Territorial Context

Slovenia, in the forests of Kočevski Rog, Trnovo and Snežnik, which, as is normally the case in this country, are managed under concession.

Replicability conditions

The good practice is applicable in all forests sharing similar characteristics to those of the project, which are quite common in the Balkan area, obviously if the legislation and codes allows for such intensity of harvesting.

Dissemination material

In the final part of the LIFE GoProFor database sheet it is possible to download material relating to the project, including a manual describing all the good practices implemented.