Procedure for monitoring and inventorying of urban and peri-urban forests (UPF)


EMoNFUr - Establishing a monitoring network to assess lowland forest and urban plantation in Lombardy and urban forest in Slovenia

LIFE10 ENV/IT/000399

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Urban, periurban and plain forests in Lumbardy (IT) and Slovenia.

Enrico Calvo



Assessing the effects of urban and periurban forests on biodiversity, their relations with the environment and their influence on soil quality and welfare of local populations. Acknowledging quantity and structure of urban forests through the inventory. Assessing the effects of climate change on urban forests.

Good Practice Description

The good practice was divided in two phases: inventory of urban and periurban forests, which consists in the definition of the objective areas (both of natural and artificial origin) and their characterization based on several parameters such as location, area, woodines index ecc; monitoring of a wide range of parameters (climatic conditions, dendrometric parameters, biodiversity index ecc…) subsequently included in a database according to the project protocols. Finally, an InVest (Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Tradeoffs) analysis of the data was performed to assess the entity of ecosystem services and connection between climate change and benefits of urban forests.

Territorial Context

Lumbardy (IT) and Osrednjeslovenska – Ljubljana region in Slovenia.

Replicability conditions

To replicate the good practice in urban and periurban contexts, the production of an inventory of the objective areas is needed.

Dissemination material

In the final part of the good practice form, it is possible to download material related to the project, particularly: a monitoring protocol, an inventory production protocol, an online manual regarding the identification and assessment of the ecosystem services and a Layman’s Report.