Model of public partecipation to Sustainable forest management

LIFE: FoResMit

LIFE FoResMit: Recovery of degraded coniferous Forests for environmental sustainability Restoration and climate change Mitigation

LIFE14 CCM/IT/000905

Montecristo 2010


Management of highly frequented peri-urban forests and participation of all those involved in the context.

Lagomarsino Alessandra



Consider, especially for long-term management plans, the needs of citizens, stakeholders and local communities with regard to the multiplicity of ecosystem services offered by the forest, in particular in peri-urban contexts with high attendance.

Good Practice Description

The decision-making process regarding the planning and management choices of the territory is commonly a top-down approach, which excludes or partially takes into consideration the analyzes of the needs of citizens, stakeholders and local communities regarding the many ecosystem services offered by the forest.

The FoResMit project analyzed the social demand of stakeholders with respect to the ecosystem services provided by the peri-urban forest of Monte Morello, involving the users of the area with questionnaires, the stakeholders through semi-structural interviews and finally all citizens with direct involvement through public meeting.

All of this was carried out in order to make the managing bodies collaborate and tend to adopt a bottom-up approach that can integrate the questions of the various parties involved, especially in long-term management plans.

Territorial Context

Peri-urban forest subject to crop abandonment near important Tuscan towns (Sesto Fiorentino and the city of Florence), very popular with the local population.

Replicability conditions

This approach can also be adopted in other contexts, especially where there is a plurality of actors involved relating to a multiplicity of goods and services offered by the forest. In particular, the high-traffic peri-urban forest contexts lend themselves better to the repeatability of this good practice.

Dissemination material

In the final part of the good practice form, it is possible to download material related to the project (layman's report, technical manual etc.) and in particular an article explicitly dedicated to the topic of Good Practice.